Our Steps To Help The Environment

Here at Eva L', we understand the current on-going issues in the world, especially with-in the nature community and we made a promise to be as eco-friendly as possible.These are the 2 ways that we do to help our planet. 


Limiting Our Carbon Foot-Print To The Minimum 

While it was a tough job choosing between being eco-friendly and not, (being not eco-friendly, like our competitors = a boost of sale, but generating a lot of plastics and pollution on the way ,or being eco-friendly = less sale, but generating WAY less plastics and trash). The choice was clear to us, that we were going to make Eva L' as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.  


As we wanted to ensure our customers a quick and safe delivery, our partnered courier services may not be as environmental friendly as we are, what we can control is our packaging. When it comes to our packaging, we ensure that they are recyclable, reusable and of course environmental friendly. Depending on your order, you would receive a different packagings consist of organic material to ensure that it is decomposable. 


Sourcing Ethnically 

The truth is that there are a lot of factories in the world that using child-labour and pollutes into nearby areas. While we were sourcing our products, we made sure to choose producers that uses legally paid labour and limits their pollutants, some are even home-made! Therefore, some items might have be imperfect. We are also constantly thinking of new ways to ensure our products are ethnically produced. 


We are not perfect and might encounter some difficulties that might cause inconveniences on the way. However we promise to put in the maximum effort into making our home a better place for all of us.  


-Love from the Eva L' team