About Us

Thank You for shopping at Eva L'. We see you have stumble onto our about us page. Here are some facts about us, hopefully are the ones you were expecting to see:

What is Eva L'

Founded in Toronto, Canada. Eva L' is a lifestyle focused company. Our goal is to bring aesthetically pleasing yet affordable lifestyle products for all. Here in Eva L', we also strive to be politically, socially and environmentally aware while helping to make a difference in different communities. Our charity list does not only include organizations in North America but in all parts of the world. Asian, African, European, North American, South American organizations are all included in The Eva L' Charity List. 

Words From Founder

Hi everyone, I hope you had a wonderful time shopping here at Eva L'. Thank You so much for shopping with us and help us make differences around the world. One of my most proudest aspect of our store is The Eva L' Charity List and we hope that you could suggest more charity organizations to us (by leaving a message at checkout, or just drop us a note through contact us). That way, our list could continue to grow and more people around the world would be benefited from you. We strive to help local charity organizations because what they receive and do goes directly back to their communities, unlike some of the more well-known non-profit organizations. That way, we know for sure that the money collected from you goes to causes that are charitable. 

Why Eva L'

Eva is my grandmother's first name and L is her last name's initial. She had helped me from the beginning and I would like to honour her in the best way I can, and so, this is the story of Eva L'. Not very interesting right? 

Please know that you, our customers mean so much to us and we could not have done this without you. I hope to meet you all some day in the near future.